Incarceration Rates in Florida

Are the Crime Rates in Florida Increasing or Decreasing?

According to a study conducted by the University of Florida Levin College of Law, the incarceration rates in Florida actually peaked in 2010 and have since begun to drop.

Why Are The Incarceration Rates in Florida Dropping?

Efforts to Reduce Recidivism

Prison reform efforts including but not limited to:

Comparison of Florida's Incarceration Rates to Other States

Though Florida's Incarceration Rates have lowered over the past four years, it still has one of the highest incarceration rates in the United States.


Florida is known for its "tough on crime" initiatives, and as a result, has a higher incarceration rate than many other places.


The Florida Department of Law Enforcement produces the Uniform Crime Report. The UCR reports the annual crime data for Florida systems, to update the public regarding crime rates.

The UCR is compiled of monthly statistics from Florida Law Enforcement agencies regarding specific criminal acts.


The Florida Department of Corrections offers incarcerated individuals multiple opportunities to rehabilitate themselves.

  1. Religion: Prison chaplains offer support and guidance to inmates who seek a better life.
  2. Education: Inmates are provided with opportunities to earn their GEDs
  3. Technical Programs:In many institutions, inmates are able to learn technical skills such as brick masonry, construction, and cosmetology
  4. Jobs:Inmates are assigned jobs such as janitor, canteen manager,cafeteria, laundry,and clerical work